Your First Visit

Your first visit with Dr. Lisa Airan will be a comprehensive consultation on any cosmetic and medical issues you would like to discuss with her. Multiple procedures may be discussed and reviewed. This initial consultation will also include a thorough full body exam to check for skin cancer.

Expect to spend about 30 minutes with Dr. Airan during your initial visit. If you plan on having treatment the same day as your consultation, please let us know when you set up your appointment. Most of Dr. Airan's services can be performed immediately following your consultation. Even if you do not have treatment at the time of your visit, you will be provided with a personalized treatment plan so that you know exactly how you can enhance your skin health.

Meet Dr. Airan

A world-class beauty expert and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Airan looks forward to meeting you. Read Her Bio

Meet Dr. Airan Request a Consultation

As a trusted and experienced dermatologist in New York City, Dr. Airan and her staff make it a priority for patients to feel comfortable while visiting the office. To save time during your visit, please download and complete our new patient form. You can fax your completed form to us at (212) 400-0991. If you have questions about what to expect during your appointment with Dr. Airan, please call us at (212) 400-0999.