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New York Skin Care Practice Adds New Treatments

Dr. Lisa Airan, a board-certified dermatologist serving NYC and Manhattan patients, announces several new treatments for her patients to enhance beauty while retaining a natural appearance.

New York City, New York (February 2010) – Women and men wanting the hottest options in New York skin care can now take advantage of a number of new treatments at a practice known for its leading-edge treatments. Lisa Airan, MD, one of the most highly regarded dermatologists in the US, known for her natural treatments and influential perspectives on aesthetics, is pleased to announce the addition of several treatments to her lineup of procedures to reverse signs of aging and improve skin health.

"My patients expect options that are FDA approved as well as advancements in the field of beauty. We have added new options like DYSPORT® because we believe it's important to make sure patients have access to newly approved skin care procedures," explains Dr. Airan. "My patients trust me to provide a natural, customized look."

DYSPORT, the new alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetic in New York City, has differences from BOTOX which allow for a quicker onset of results, including smoother, line-free skin. DYSPORT's mechanism of action differs slightly from BOTOX, allowing Dr. Airan to use one or both in combination to achieve the best results for the patient.

"The faster time frame is a big plus for many of my patients, but for me the real attraction is being able to adjust the outcome so precisely and offer extensive wrinkle correction," notes Dr. Airan. "My patients are excited to have a new option for treating dynamic wrinkles, and I'm here to help them decide which products will work best for their needs."

Maintaining her reputation as a leading dermatologist in New York City, Dr. Airan is also adding a new dimension to her lineup of aesthetic treatments with the Clarisonic® Opal skin enhancement system. Unlike laser and ablative treatments for wrinkled skin, this device uses sonic vibrations in combination with intensive moisture therapy that gives immediate results by reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The dual approach can tighten and restore skin tissue, even in sensitive, age-revealing areas like the lower eyelids.

"The Clarisonic system which includes the new Opal device and skin exfoliating brush, is a great example of what can be achieved today even with very gentle treatments, because it manages to improve the look of the skin instantaneously with advanced exfoliation technology," Dr. Airan says. "BOTOX or DYSPORT around the eyes in combination with the Clarisonic Opal can give the eyes a very refreshed and natural appearance."

While these new skin care options are bringing in new patients, Dr. Airan is also seeing many of her existing patients choose treatments to restore volume as well. Specifically, she says she is seeing many patients pair BOTOX or DYSPORT injections with SCULPTRA®, a long-lasting facial filler recently approved by the FDA for cosmetic uses. "Sculptra is a great advancement for gradually adding volume to the face to turn back the clock to five or even ten years earlier."

"The goal is always to create a very youthful, natural-looking result, and combining treatments makes it easy for me to address all aspects of a patient's needs," she notes. "I'm completely committed to offering the latest skin, health and beauty options that deliver the results my patients expect."

To meet with New York City dermatologist Dr. Lisa Airan and receive her professional advice on how you can look your best, request a consultation online or call (212) 400-0999 to schedule your appointment.