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This page offers articles, videos and online resources featuring Dr. Lisa Airan. Widely considered to be an expert on a range of skin health and beauty topics, Dr. Airan is sought out for her knowledge and professional opinion. Please contact Dr. Airan´s office to obtain a press kit of all her appearances.

Dr. Airan's Television Appearances

Oprah, CNN & MSNBC - Five Minutes of Media Highlights

Dr. Airan discusses new uses for Restylane on the Oprah Winfrey Show and adds volume to the undereyes of Oprah's makeup artist, Reggie. Dr. Airan also discusses the most popular procedures in New York City and how to avoid wrinkles.

CNN House Call - How to Look Younger

The average woman wants to look thirteen years younger but are looking for results less dramatic than the traditional face lift. Using facial fillers like Radiesse, New York dermatologist Dr. Lisa Airan fills in this patients facial lines and wrinkles.

Skincare Day to Night

Dr. Airan featured on Amazon's exclusive LIVE series "Style Code". Watch for Dr. Airan's recommendations on perfect skin care from day to night.

Korean Face Mask (Fox5 News)

Dr. Lisa Airan gives her testimony about the "Korean Facemask" beauty trend that graces the faces of celebrities around the world. It can be surprisingly effective!


New York Times logoNY Times // Met Gala 2018

Dr. Lisa Airan was invited to the prestigious Met Gala 2018, where she stated the exhibit was, "monastic".
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Vogue Best Dressed

Dr. Lisa Airan being featured in Phil Oh's Best Street Style Looks From the Fall '17 Couture Shows in Paris.
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WWD logoWWD Rodarte

Dr. Lisa Airan supporting one of her favorite Fashion Brands, Rodarte, and their Spring Collection.
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Hello Magazine logoHello Magazine

Dr. Lisa Airan supporting "Women's Brain Health Initiative" with other celebrity elites.
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Observer logoObserver // NYFW Models & Dermatology

Dr. Airan discusses with the Observer what the differences and similarities are between common dermatological procedures such as Volbella Injections.
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W Magazine logoW Magazine // Lip Contouring

Dr. Lisa Airan talks with Taylor Ford of W Magazine to teach all there is to know about lip contouring and lip fillers.
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Coveteur logoCoveteur // Lip Injections

Learn everything that you need to know about lip injections from Dr. Lisa Airan in this Coveteur feature article.
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E! News logoE News // Best Father Gifts

Dr. Lisa Airan recommends the best Father Day products to get your dad this Father's Day, or any time of the year.
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My Domaine logoMy Domaine // Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Dr. Airan discusses and recommends the best sunscreen & skin care product for sensitive skin.
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People Magazine Juvederm

Dr. Lisa Airan was interviewed for People Magazine about the effects of Juvederm Volbella XC Lip Injections.
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Marie Claire logoMarie Claire Wine & Skin

Dr. Lisa Airan gave her thoughts on what a red wine bath will really do for your skin.
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Vogue Clear Skin

Dr. Lisa Airan gave her best advice on cleaning your makeup brushes to give you the cleanest skin possible, as well as a tool that can help clean your brushes easily.
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Vogue Sunscreen

Dr. Lisa Airan explains why leaving on SPF is bad for your skin - and the best ways to clean your face to avoid acne caused by sunscreen lotion.
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Vogue Sunburn

Get Dr. Lisa Airans best tips and techniques to help heal and soothe sunburns, as featured on
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Fox 5 logoFox 5 Korean Facemask

Dr. Lisa Airan give her testimony about the "Korean Facemask" beauty trend that is graces the faces of celebrities around the world. It can be surprisingly effective!
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