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Karen Moores Tweet: Totally approached skin care wrong until I found @DrLisaAiran tweets... Less stress on skin, less money on the wrong products.

"I have never written an online review, until today. So, why now? Let me begin by saying this: Dr. Lisa Airan has done more for my skin in three visits than my previous dermatologist did in three years. And my dermatologist before that.

I was not referred to Dr. Airan. I took matters into my own hands and scoured the internet. After exhaustive research, I narrowed my choices to a few physicians. Dr. Airan's clinical background, patient philosophy, and candor (watch her YouTube videos), motivated me to make an appointment.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not immediately like her. She seemed brusque, disinterested. I sat awkwardly and silently, trying to think of something witty to say, but my vocal chords stayed dormant.

Her back was toward me so I did a quick spin in my chair to see what the hell was going on. She was studying my chart/new patient forms. Intently. No fanfare, just absolute concentration. When she finished, and came to stand by my side, she was thoughtful, inquisitive, authentic, and gracious.

She was completely honest in her medical assessment. Dr. Airan did not propose a litany of procedures requiring multiple visits for 'maximum' effect. She recommended three procedures. And, she provided me with detailed treatment plans for each, including costs (talk about a rarity). Further, Dr. Airan prioritized what she thought I should do first. She also takes before and after photos.

Honestly, I have never encountered anyone like her. Dr. Airan is breathtakingly beautiful....an understatement. But, Dr. Airan is far more devoted to helping her patients achieve radiance that they never dared imagine.

George Orwell wrote: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

Dr. Lisa Airan is a revolutionary."
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"I can only say good things about Dr. Airan, the best things actually...I have been a patient of her for a bit more than a year and in this short period of time I have had more than enough evidence to proof that she is the best at what she does. I first went to see to Dr. Airan after doing a throughout research of a dermatologist with a beauty practice in NY: her reviews were outstanding, her credentials impressive and her style impeccable. As I suspected, she provides the best advice and services and her procedures are natural, balanced and noticeable at the same time (you wouldn't expect less from someone with her aesthetic sense!). However, the turning point for me was when she discovered what ended up being a cancerous growth in my forehead that had been missed and/or misdiagnosed by various reputable dermatologists for over 10 years; she did not only spotted it but she insisted I removed it before my soon coming wedding despite my hesitation (I wanted to wait just 3 months in order to avoid a scar in my face for the wedding). Thanks God she did...it was big and serious and should I had waited to get it removed the consequences may have been irreparable for my health. For that and for how caring, reliable and available she was during the whole process I will always be immensely grateful to her. By the way, her husband, Dr. Born, closed the massive hole the surgery left and, today, less than a month and a half afterwards, I only have a thin line in my forehead. So, my advice: if you need a dermatologist, look no more, she is the ONE (and, if you like fashion as much as I do, you will always enjoy a visit to her office!"
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"I have been a patient of Dr. Airan's for more than 12 years and seen her practice become what it is today: Impeccable in every way. I have relied on her for a pretty wide range of dermatological needs, including everything from sunburn and adult acne to eczema and other skin disturbances to cosmetic dermatology. Every visit to her office is more than a medical treatment; she treats the whole patient, staying in touch with me on life events and other health concerns with an impact on skin. She's that rare combination of professional expertise (with serious derma street cred, e.g., melanoma, etc.), keen judgment, and personal charm (did I forget fashion sense?). I wouldn't dream of seeing anyone else."
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"Dr. Airan is an outstanding and talented dermatologist who is supported by an amazing staff and has provided myself and my family with excellent service over the past few years. I am twenty-two years old and have suffered from Bell's Palsy, which has caused the right side of my face to droop significantly. Dr. Airan has restored the symmetry to the right side of my face through cosmetic procedures and my results have been absolutely remarkable. Dr. Airan's professionalism, expertise and dedication to her patients is unmatched and I highly recommend her as a dermatologist. If you are looking for an experienced dermatologist who is attentive, conscientious and progressive Dr. Airan is the absolute best of the best."
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"Dr. Airan is a miracle worker! She has the eye of an artist and the most incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff. When I leave I feel like I have been on a two week vacation rested, confident and younger."
- Vitals.com

"Having been a patient of Dr. Airan's for years, I am impressed with her consistent professionalism, precision and steadfastness. She is someone you can trust and rely on!"
- Vitals.com

"Dr. Airan and her amazing staff fulfill my every need, as a patient. Dr. Airan informs me of the skin care needs I require to stay healthy. I enjoy the latest skin care technology at her office. The office environment is immaculate and chic, a pleasure to visit."
- Citysearch.com

"Dr. Airan is the Queen of BOTOX and fillers. I have done the rounds of doctors in NYC and no one comes close to her!!!"
- Citysearch.com

"Dr. Airan is intensely competent. There is no other doctor I would trust with cosmetic dermatology than her. She provides a thorough evaluation and designs a completely unique treatment plan. i tried someone before her-and it was a disaster. He tried a 'cookie cutter' approach with had nothing to do with my needs. She never tries to make you go beyond what is just right for you. In addition, she did an extensive skin check -diagnosed a precancerous spot and provided the exact right treatment for the condition - confirmed by two other doctors."
Kristy Y., New York, NY (Vitals.com)

"Dr. Airan is my beauty savior. I've been a patient for over six years. She has a wonderful and critical eye when working with injectables on my face. Dr. Airan has always listened to my concerns and educated me on the best approach for prevention. I trust her completely and I am thrilled every time I leave her office."

"Dr. Airan has been my doctor for 8 years and every day I receive compliments on how great I look. It is all because of Dr. Airan. She has the ability to make you look like a better version of yourself. I have suggested her to more than 10 of my friends and now they are all clients too. Best derm in New York City."
- Lindsi S., Yelp.com

"Dr. Lisa Airan is the consummate professional who treats each patient as if they were one of her family. I have worked with Dr. Airan for over a decade and she has always demonstrated the qualities of integrity, professionalism and honesty. I would recommend Dr. Airan to anyone in my family who is need of the services she provides."
Ken Martorelli, Linkedin.com

"Dr. Airan is one of the most talented dermatologists in New York, and has a solution for every concern. Dr. Airan and her team handled my needs beautifully and held my hand through the entire process. I couldn't recommend her more highly."
James Franklin Krohn, Linkedin.com